Mike Horn Paddling in Svalbard

Watch Mike Horn take his H4 to a glacier in Svalbard. His boat Pangaea has three Billboards on board. They have proven to be a great tool for getting ashore quickly and exploring the area around the boat while getting some good exercise.



Mike Horn 7

The Pangaea arrives in Monaco Bay Svalbard with two Billboard H4 sup’s on tow.


Mike Horn 8

Mike secures the Pangaea to an iceberg! Its Swiss National Day is the perfect time for raclette on an iceberg!

Mike Horn 9

Paddling the bay was incredible! The scale of the place is just mind blowing, we could hear the glacier cracking as we paddled past the massive ice wall ( at a safe distance ) Massive chunks of ice broke of and plunged in the water with the sound of thunder, sending huge waves of crushed ice our way. A clear message not to get too close!

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