Billboard H4 Review

We are very proud of the great review  that Mark Hines has written about the Billboard H4.
Mark has spent more time and done more miles on a Billboard than any body else.

I had my first try on a BillboardSUP prototype Heron 4 in London thanks to Active360.  I then went on to try out a more advanced prototype board over a weekend in Norway.  When I began paddling along the Thames through London, at the start of my 2017 Big Ben to Black Sea, Trans-Europe SUP and cycle expedition, it was on the BillboardSUP Heron 4 expedition board.  Three months later, the board that had carried me along the English coastline, across the Channel to France, and across Europe, this was the board I paddled out on the Black Sea with at the end of that adventure.

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The BillboardSUP Heron 4 expedition board is an incredible piece of kit.  It gave me a great blend of speed and stability, which was perfect for the coastal waters of the Channel and the vast Danube river.  The 4-metre board had all the space I needed for my expedition gear for the 3-month journey, and was sufficient for additional water carriers when the temperatures were high and opportunities for clean water few and far between.  With a few weeks’ of food, 20-kg of water, plus all my expedition equipment in rugged, waterproof bags, I was carrying an impressive weight and bulk of kit, but still had space to spare on this fast-moving, superbly-stable board.

Mark Hines


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