Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is The Billboard Heron really inflatable?

    Absolutely! That’s what makes it so fantastic! You can easily store it at home and get it on the water in no time.

  • How long does it take to get ready?

    Pumping only takes 5-7 minutes with the included Billboard Pump. Add a minute or two to attach the fin and assemble the paddle, and you are off!

  • Can The Billboard Heron be taken on a flight?

    Yes, that’s part of the whole magic! Take it with you wherever you go. The total weight of the board plus carbon paddle, fin and pump, is just under 20 kg. The fully packed board bag measures 93x42x35 cm.

  • How can I get to the water with my board?

    There are many ways to do this. When the board is deflated, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can easily walk or cycle with it, or put it in the boot of the car.

  • Is paddleboarding difficult?

    No, it’s very easy, simple and intuitive. It’s just you, the board and paddle! The Billboard Heron is a professional board but because it’s so stable it’s ideal to learn and advance on.

  • What makes Billboard Heron a safe board?

    The shape and width of the Billboard Heron makes it a stable platform, ensuring a safe ride. It has been equipped with a number of patented safety features such as rescue handles and its unique reflective details, and the possibility to mount safety lights, means you stay visible at night. There is also a safety whistle on board to attract attention, should you get into difficulty

  • How much weight will it carry?

    The Billboard Heron is made to carry loads of kit for expeditions and clean up missions. Make sure that you keep the loads’ centre of gravity as low as possible and balance the weight front and rear; but by all means bring the dog, the tent and firewood!

  • How does the Carry On Board System work?

    The patented cargo area is a flexible system that allows you to attach a wide range of kit directly to the deck. The board bag can be anchored to the board and thereby functions as a cargo tray.

  • What about punctures?

    Punctures are quite rare and generally easy to avoid. The board is made of tough material and will withstand every type of normal use. In fact inflatable boards are much harder to damage than fibreglass or carbon boards. Always check when you put the board down that there are no nails, rocks or other sharp items under the board. Also the board is equipped with a pressure relief valve

    that will let air out in case of over pressure inside the board, caused by heat or altitude. making it less likely that the board will get damaged from over pressure.

  • Can Billboard be easily repaired?

    If you follow our instructions on the website repairs are straight forward and your repair should work perfectly. Unlike fibreglass repairs this is not a messy process and most people would find it easy to manage.

  • Should I store my board inflated or deflated?

    It’s up to you. It can be stored either way, but ideally out of direct sunlight when not in use.

  • Which size board should I choose?

    The Heron 4m is the ultimate expedition platform; it is stable in tough conditions with plenty of deck space for kit.

    This board also works well for tall or heavier build paddlers.

    You will always feel stable on a Heron Series board so you can enjoy being on the water more, relax and take in your surroundings.

    The 3.7M version has similar qualities but is more suited to lighter or medium build paddlers.

  • Most boards come with a paddle, why doesn’t Billboard Sup provide this as standard?

    Inclusive paddles for other boards are always very basic. Most are made in heavy aluminium or other unfit materials. These paddles are heavy and inefficient to use. We know that many people buying Billboard Heron will already have a paddle which suits their height & build and so would not need an extra one. If you don’t have a paddle we recommend any of the Billboard 3 piece paddles, as excellent lightweight but tough paddles.

  • Can I only use the Billboard fin?

    Billboard has a standard fin box, which will take any box fin, so you can try out different fin types and replace your fin easily when travelling. In designing the board, we avoided the cheap plastic ‘slot-in’ types, because although convenient, they limit you to one or two fin designs.

  • What are the handles on the board for?

    Self-rescue or rescuing another person is much easier when having many handles The handles also make the board very easy to move around and to lift. You will appreciate this in everyday use, and on expeditions and adventures.

  • Can I use an electric pump to inflate?

    There are many electric pumps which work well, most work from a car battery. However the Billboard hand pump, provided with the board, only takes 5-7 minutes and is a great warm up. Whichever method used, when fully inflated, the board becomes completely rigid and stable.

  • Should I wear a leash?

    On the sea, or an open lake, it is absolutely essential to wear a leash, even light winds can separate you from your board. Do check with your local Sup community on their recommendations on leash use in your area. Always make sure that your sup leash has a quick release system.

  • Are air boards as good as carbon, fibreglass or solid plastic boards?

    Air board technology has improved rapidly in recent years. Performance can be similar to fibreglass boards and much better than all plastic boards. In fact, many experienced Sup Paddlers will choose to paddle a well-designed inflatable board over a hard board because of the clear advantages in lightness, durability and practicality

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