Glass fiber paddle GP1


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Paddle made in high quality rugged glass fiber. It weighs more than our carbon paddle but can take rougher handling. Ideal if you paddle in shallow water, over rocks etc. Still light enough to paddle all day. 900 Gram.

The GP1 paddle is fully adjustable. In full length it is 211 cm long.

Comes with a protective bag, suited for transport and travel.

An ideal companion for the H4 paddle board.

The GP1 is made from glass fiber which is more suitable for more rough handling than our super light weight carbon fiber paddles. Ideal for paddle board adventures on shallow water, rocky areas etc.

The glass fiber paddle is built with great durability. The glass fiber material is also lighter than their aluminium counterparts.

The paddle bag is padded to protect the paddle during 
transport, our unique interior system holds the paddle sections in place and prevents them from rubbing against each other. A Velcro pocket holds a small screwdriver to tighten the section clamps. Both clamps are made with double screws in stainless steel.

  • Blade area 508cm2 / 90in2 
  • Width 20.5cm  / 8in
  • Section clamps with double screws
  • 38 cm Adjustment
  • Full length 211cm
  • Folded length in bag 96cm
  • Screwdriver included
  • Protective paddle bag included
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