Board H4


Inflatable expedition stand up paddleboard.
Born on The River Thames in London – The ultimate urban explorer board.
The H4 is a stable yet fast board that tracks well and can carry lots of equipment for adventures far beyond the city.
Scandinavian design.


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  • Pump included with board


  • Carry On Board System
  • The patented system allows the user to attach a wide range of bags directly on to the board.
    The carry bag can be fixed to the board and work as a cargo holder.
  • Action cam mount, Leafield valve and pressure relief valve.
  • Triple skin underside and bumpers for added durability.
  • Eight rear cargo loops. Grap handles front and rear.
  • The rolled up board fits in a bag that can be checked in when flying.


  • Rescue handles
  • Light mounts
  • Reflective markings 
  • Safety whistle



Tough wheelie bag

Full feature backpack straps and hip support.

High Pressure pump HP1

The sup pump comes in a protective bag that holds the hose and plus the tool kit there is additional holders for a fin and two Orbiloc lights



Billboard H4 Dimensions
400cm x 83cm x 15cm
(13.2feet x 33Inch x 6inch)

Size of the paddle board when Rolled up 

26cm x 38cm x89cm

Sup Bag size

100cm x 45cm x 35cm


Leafield A7 Dedicated sup inflation valve with internal metal mesh filter, threaded hose port and full dust cover.

Leafield A6 Pressure relief valve. With external metal filter.

US. Finbox
25cm (9.5 Inch) progressive Rocker


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