Sean Yoro ( HULA )

Creates an absolute Masterpiece using the tides to lift him and his Billboard 40Ft up a huge metal canvas in Saint Johns Harbour in Canada.



HULA, is a self-taught contemporary artist, most known for his murals positioned near or in large bodies of water. He has developed a distinct style merging fine art, street art and nature. In 2015 HULA became widely known and publicized for his viral iceberg murals, which sparked a larger environmental discussion. The Hawaiian native has been known for his delicate portraits of half-submerged women’s faces on icebergs across the worlds such as the Arctic Circle and Iceland in order to raise awareness of climate change and the effects on the environment.

Find out more about Hula here:
Sean Yoro 9

HULA really likes the H4 because of its great stability and massive deck space that he needs for all his paints.

Sean Yoro 10

HULA spent 11 days riding the tides in long twelve hour painting sessions to finish his 28x40ft painting.

Sean Yoro 11
Sean Yoro 12
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