Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle boarding (or SUP for short) is an outdoor water sport activity, where the rider stands up on a large board and uses a paddle to navigate through the water. It is the perfect way to get out in nature and out on the water. SUP is both suitable for everyone, both beginners, experienced users, adults and young people. Even kids can try the paddle board experience together with an adult. It is no wonder that stand up paddle boarding has become one of the fastest growing water activities in the world. SUP can be enjoyed on a variety of water surfaces such as lakes, rivers, canals, flat oceans, waterways, large swimming pools etc. It is the perfect tool for an urban getaway or even to explore the water areas of the city. In addition to traditional SUPing, this water sport can be combined with other sports and activities such as pilates, yoga, fishing and workouts.

Similar to a surfboard, the SUP user stands centered on the board in an upright position. The paddle is positioned into the water before the pulling motion is initiated. It demands a high level of balance, which can take some practice.

The history of the SUP

Paddle boarding originated in Africa, South America and the Polynesian culture and has been traced back as far as to the 16th-century, both used as a transportation device but also to ride waves for fun. At that time the boards were made of wood, but today a variety of materials are used, some better than others. At Billboard SUP we mainly use carbon fiber materials, which are very durable and very light, making it ideal for paddle boarding as you experience less fatigue with materials designed for this type of material.

Today’s stand up paddle boards vary in size and weight. Our boards are 400cm x 83cm x 15cm and weights 13.7 kg. For practical uses many paddle boards, including the ones we’ve designed, are inflatable paddle boards. The benefits from this feature is that it takes up way less storage when not used and is easier to transport, whether it being while traveling or just to get from your home to the nearest water.

How we make superior SUP boards

Besides functionality and durability we put a lot of time and effort into the design process. Not just when choosing and testing materials, but also the visual appeal of the paddle board. We aim to make high end SUPs that both works great, feel great and looks great. And we truly believe that we have achieved that with the H4 series. So what are you waiting for? Get started with stand up paddle boarding now!


iSUP is the practical choice

iSUP is the abbreviation for inflatable stand up paddleboards. The main advantage of iSUP boards compared to regular SUP boards are that the inflatable feature means they can be compressed so they take up very little space. In fact they can fit in a bag. This means that anyone can take up the SUP culture and sport now, even if you don’t own a car. It also means that the paddle board takes up less space in your house or apartment when not in use. It truly is the future of the stand up paddle boarding sport. Our iSUP boards are designed and manufactured with quality materials made for durability, even with it’s inflating and deflating nature.

Advantages of an iSUP (inflatable paddle board)

  • Takes up less space in your home
  • Can fit into a bag or travel bag
  • Easy to transport from your home to the water, even on a bike
  • Very easy to pump into full size and easy to deflate after use
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