• Billboard H4 Review

    Billboard H4 Review We are very proud of the great review  that Mark Hines has written about the Billboard H4. Mark has spent more time and done more miles on a Billboard than any body else. I had my first try on a BillboardSUP prototype Heron 4 in London thanks to Active360.  I then went on … More  →
  • Mercedes paddleboard Billboard_sup800x500

    City escape with Peter Falktoft

    City escape with Peter Falktoft Peter Falktoft paddling on the river with his friend Daniel Kjær talking about getting away from the city on a paddle board. More  →
  • Mark Hines

    Adventurer and Endurance Athlete: Mark Hines

    Mark Hines Professional Adventurer and Endurance Athlete Mark Hines is used to extreme adventures in the Sahara, the Amazon and the Arctic. He describes his 4500 kilometre journey on a Billboard H4 from London to the Black Sea as an endurance long haul Sup. If Mark succeeds this will be longest Sup journey ever made … More  →
  • Billboard SUP Heron – Born On The River Thames

    Billboard SUP Heron Born On The River Thames The Thames is a river with strong currents and choppy waves, the stable boards we tried were slow, the fast ones we tested were unstable. A paddle board that could handle these conditions was needed and so the concept of the Billboard SUP Heron 4 Metre was … More  →
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