• Julius Battenfeld

    Julius Battenfeld review on Gear Guide Germany Julius Battenfeld started Gear Guide Germany in 2014 when he returned from service in Afghanistan with the specialised infantry. He loves the outdoors and the equipment he uses for his adventures. He makes detailed and thorough gear reviews on his you tube channel. We have put julius’s comments into … More  →
  • Antoine Janssens

    ANTOINE JANSSENS This stunning movie is about our expedition with Mike Horn and YouTubers LeGrand JD Amixern & CyrilMp4  Follow Antoine here @ANTOINEJANS   We are very proud that Antoine is one of ambassadors, he lives in switzerland and loves to paddle the lakes there. More  →
  • Sean Yoro

    Sean Yoro ( HULA ) Creates an absolute Masterpiece using the tides to lift him and his Billboard 40Ft up a huge metal canvas in Saint Johns Harbour in Canada.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2avXG6DYPk HULA, is a self-taught contemporary artist, most known for his murals positioned near or in large bodies of water. He has developed a distinct … More  →
  • Mike Horn

    Mike Horn Paddling in Svalbard Watch Mike Horn take his H4 to a glacier in Svalbard. His boat Pangaea has three Billboards on board. They have proven to be a great tool for getting ashore quickly and exploring the area around the boat while getting some good exercise. MIKEHORN.COM @MIKEHORN The Pangaea arrives in Monaco Bay … More  →
  • Billboard H4 Review

    Billboard H4 Review We are very proud of the great review  that Mark Hines has written about the Billboard H4. Mark has spent more time and done more miles on a Billboard than any body else. I had my first try on a BillboardSUP prototype Heron 4 in London thanks to Active360.  I then went on … More  →
  • Mercedes City Escape With Peter Falktoft

    Mercedes City escape with Peter Falktoft Peter Falktoft stand up paddling on the river with his friend Daniel Kjær talking about the perfect city escape. ( In Danish ) More  →
  • Our Story

    Billboard H4 Born On The River Thames The Thames is a river with strong currents and choppy waves, the stable boards we tried were slow, the fast ones we tested were unstable. A paddle board that could handle these conditions was needed and so the concept of the Billboard Heron 4 Metre was born. The … More  →

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